Rosenberg’s Tree Frog

Hypsiboas rosenbergi is a species of frog in the family Hylidae found in Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and northwestern Ecuador. Its name is a testimony to Mr. W. F. H. Rosenberg who collected the type series and in English, to the aggressiveness of males of the species.


H. rosenbergi is a nest-building gladiator frog. Lethal fights between males as well as male clutch guarding are common. Males produce five types of vocalization including an advertisement call, a courtship call, aggressive calls, and a distress call. The mean snout-vent length of male frogs in La Gamba, Costa Rica was 63.1 mm (range 55.7-76) and for females, it was 67.2 mm (range 57.4-75.5). Females were significantly larger and heavier than males. The clutches had a single floating layer of eggs embedded in transparent gelatinous capsules and contained 775 eggs (range 513-1231).


Photography by Ryan Lynch

April 16, 2017
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